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A Thought of Flying 2015, site-specific installation at the former Commerzbank in Domshof, Bremen
Din-A4 sheet, Video 7’30” Loop, no sound
Photo: Effrosyni

The video installation, "A Thought of Flying", deals with the possibility of an action that either already occured or is about to occur. For the installation in Domshof in Bremen, in the former Commerzbank, an empty A4 paper sheet is temporarily attached on the wall and positioned low, near the bottom. In its transitory corner, it requires a little more attention to observe the change. The upper corners of the sheet flutter back and forth, as if it were ready to fall, or fly away. The cause of the physical movement, the air is nowhere to find. The perception of reality is in doubt. The moving paper is projected on the real static one as video. The light of the projection is so masked, as if it were a spotlight. The projector is placed under the floor, while the ground with its black oblique tiles seems somewhat unstable to step and approach.