Mountains Mountains Mountains Mountains Mountains Mountains
No Time to Look Through the Mountains? 2015, site-specific installation
in the Bookshop - Projectspace, Skaftfell Center of Visual Art, Seyðisfjörður (IS),
pencil on paper 16 X 0,38 M, 3 found windows, black plastic sheet
Photo: Effrosyni

In the book Húsasaga Seyðisfjarðarkaupstaðar each house of the fjord Seydisfjordur in Iceland, migrated in the 19th century from Norwegian,is recorded as a singular entity, with its name, its owners and evolution. Nowadays, the old windows are slowly vanishing from the facades of the houses. By means of abstraction, the house itself with its windows becomes an investigation object of the past. How we are recording history; migration, housing and change. The site specific installation No time to look through the mountains? is mainly a timeline of frames. On 16 meter long paper along the wall of the Bookshop-Projectspace, almost every illustrated house window from the book Húsasaga is outlined, linearly page after page.