After some experimentation I fortunately failed to capture an absolute product or portrait. There is no existing story to narrate, but a story to create, driving to mythologies of the suburbs to the games with time and infinity. I lost every mythology, all belong to oblivion, or to others. This website demonstrates my need to follow some traces of that process of definition, but yet without finite boundaries. You can see this website like a map, but yet not with fixed points and lines rather fluid and dynamic. Years, locations and names involved are arranged together with thoughts of the past and the future to reveal some relations and juxtapositions.The already-there or familiar never stops to communicate with the not-yet-there, the other, the foreign. Here, stranger you are always welcome, but do not expect to find home. It's a pleasure and pain that I met you...always a surprise.

(Remixed from Borges and I, J.L.Borges)